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60-Night Trial with the purchase of your mattress

You’d like to try your new mattress for a few nights and make sure you're comfortable? No worries! M2GO offers a 60-night trial with the purchase of a mattress under the following conditions : 


1.  In order to be eligible for the trial period, you must protect your mattress with a waterproof mattress cover.*

2.  Only one exchange is allowed.

3.  Partial or full refund won't be allowed for mattresses. In the case of an exchange with a more expensive mattress, the price difference will be charged.

4.  The 60-night trial is valid from the date you receive your new mattress. Please take note that an adjustment period is required to get used to a new mattress. The exchange is therefore only possible starting on the 30th night.

5.  A minimum shipping fee of $99 is applicable for the exchange. These charges may vary depending on the delivery address.

6.  In order to proceed with the exchange, pictures of your mattress will be requested. If the mattress is stained or damaged, no exchange will be allowed.


To make an exchange under the conditions mentioned above, please contact our team by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1 833 303-6556.


* The mattress cover must have been purchased on the same order as the mattress.