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Memory foam pillow to release pressure points at the neck. Memory foam is made from water and is free of chemical swelling agents.

- Perforated 360 ° to optimize air circulation. Infused surface of gel to keep a cool comfort and conceal excess heat.

- Pure foam made with water and without chemical swelling agent and without emanation. Is ideal for any consumer who is concerned about the environment.

- Tencel fiber fabric: Extracted from eco-friendly wood chips, Tencel fiber provides a softer comfort and prevents skin irritation.

- Aerated 360 ° Foam: Aerated foam that acts as a purifier that promotes air circulation and repels moisture generated by body heat.

- Suitable for all types of sleepers, but ideal for side and back sleepers.

Made in Canada

*Please note that all sizes are rounded to simplify the shopping experience. If you need specific details, please contact us.

Customer reviews

- 16-10-2020

Super confortable! J'ai dormi sur un vieil oreiller affaisé pendant des années et la différence est remarquable.