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Our Best Bamboo, Latex, Cotton, & Memory Foam Pillows

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Sleep well and be in good shape, it is possible as long as you choose the right pillow


Like the mattress, the pillow is essential for improve the quality of your sleep. A quality pillow adapted to your preferences and to your physiognomy will ensure you a deep and less turbulent sleep.


Discover our selection of natural pillows made from ecological and sustainable materials. All our pillows are made in Canada. Find your ideal pillow regardless of your material preference. M2GO offers you products in latex, memory foam, organic cotton or bamboo fiber.

If you would like to explore the subject in depth and in particular learn how to choose a pillow according to your sleep position, you can read our post "How to choose the right pillow for a better sleep".


Choose a pillow adapted to your physiognomy


Your pillow greatly influences the quality of your night and your sleep. Choosing an ergonomic pillow, comfortable and adapted to the shape of your head will relieve your neck pain and guarantee you better sleep.


To make the most of your bedroom, your pillow should be chosen according to your physical characteristics (length of your neck, width of your shoulders, etc.). To avoid headaches and neck pain, make sure that when you rest your head on your pillow, your neck and head are properly supported and that your spine remains in a neutral position. You will then reduce the tensions exerted on the neck and shoulders and you will gain in quality of sleep!


The pillows offered by M2GO


M2GO offers you easy-care and hypoallergenic pillows.


Our memory foam pillows such as the Purgel Thermoregulator have the ability to regain their original shape, regardless of the movements or twists to which they are subjected. They adapt perfectly to your morphology and your favorite position during your night's sleep. If you suffer from back pain or neck pain, this type of pillow is ideal for you.


We also offer latex pillows such as natural Talalay from the Purlatex collection. These pillows are extremely comfortable and provide quality support for the head and neck. They allow excellent air circulation thanks to their 360 ° perforation.


If you have trouble making your choice, do not hesitate to visit us in one of our service centers in Montreal or in the old Longueil.