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39 inches high quality twin bed mattresses at the best price


Discover our selection of the most popular Twin mattresses (39 ") also known as Single Mattresses. All of our twin mattresses are made in Canada and our assortment includes mattresses with pocket springs , spring-free, memory foam, latex, and more. Buy your single mattress online by viewing our mattress buying guide here or come to our service center to try it out. You can also check out our double, queen, or king size mattresses.

What are the dimensions of a twin mattress in Canada?


A standard twin mattress measures 39 inches wide by 75 inches long! It is intended for narrow rooms or with a small space. If you are looking to maximize the space in these kinds of rooms, we recommend you to purchase a bunk bed with two single mattresses.

Also, take all the same to measure your room to make sure that your twin mattress will fit there without problem.

For a medium sized guest bedroom or second bedroom, a full mattress will certainly be a better choice.

For a spacious bedroom, a queen size mattress will occupy the space better and provide you significant additional comfort, especially for couple nights.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a very large bedroom, a King size mattress is the most "premium" choice. Whether in terms of comfort and space, you will definitely say goodbye to "clashes" with your partner in favor of a better night.

How to choose ?


If you are not completely sure when the time to choose comes, we recommend that you read our article “How to choose a mattress?”. We discuss all the details that matter to invest in your sleep effectively: Size, criteria, type of mattress, comfort, budget...

Need a bed frame for your single mattress?

Discover our wide selection of basic models of single beds (39 ″) that will match perfectly with your single mattress.
Need more? We also have a large number of full (54 "), queen (60"), and King (78 ") bed frames made in Quebec to suit all budgets.