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Home Office Desks (Work Desks)

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Shop our many models of home office desks in all styles and colors made in Canada. Do you want to have a workspace at home worthy of the latest trends? This section is made especially for you ! Explore our desks and buy them online.

Our advice for setting up the best work from home desk

M2GO offers you many products in the home office furniture category.

Those who spend long hours working at home know it: lack of ergonomics in a workstation rhymes with back pain, wrist pain and shoulder tension. This is even more true in times of COVID-19. It has brought remote working into a new era.

If shopping for your computer desk with us is a first step towards a quality work environment, there is some ancillary furniture that should not be overlooked:

1 - Office chair

Whichever you choose, it is important to adjust your office chair so that you can see your feet on the floor while seated. If necessary, a footrest can be used in addition. Make sure your thighs are always parallel to the floor rather than tucked in against you.

2 - File cabinets

Mobile, stationary, on wheels, two / three or more drawers: whatever your choice, it is essential to invest in a file cabinet if you want a desk worthy of the name. This allows you to organize and organize all your important work documents so that you never lose essential information.

3 - Printer stands

If you own a home printer and print regularly, purchasing a printer stand may be a good idea. It allows you to keep your printer at height and thus avoid rheumatism while providing you with additional storage space!

4 - Craft tables

For the more creative among you, a craft table is a great addition to a work desk. Lovers of sewing, scrapbooking, DIY and DIY will find their happiness there. If you regularly have people in your office, you may even fall for a conference table.

5 - The most that makes the difference: an electric adjustable desk

This is the current trend: electric adjustable desks allow you a personalized adjustment and 100% adapted to your size. They also allow you to work standing up whenever you want.