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Our Promise to the Environment

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Our Promise to the Environment

A study from Stats Canada revealed that Canadian Companies threw away more than 15,6 millions tons of trash in 2010. At M2GO, we have a promise to the environment: every decision that we take as a company should be conscious and respectful of our planet.

Local products

Did you know that more than 50% of our inventory is locally made? Whether it's bedroom furniture made in Quebec or our mattresses made in Ontario, buying products from here is the best way to have a positive impact on our environment and community! Not only because products that are manufactured locally have a less important carbon print, but because when you buy locally, you help save jobs and stimulate the local economy!


Simple things we do

Reduce, reuse and recycle: here are the three rules we live by! In our Mile End service center, we take the time to recycle every single box we get. More often than not, they go towards the creation of our nice price tags! We have a « paperless » vision, which means we don’t print any document, email or order confirmation unless absolutely necessary. The bags we use are made from 100% recycled paper, we use biodegradable cleaning products and we recently put some wallpaper on old MDF board that came from a damaged product — we really are into reusing stuff!


Helping others while eliminating waste

Unfortunately, there are still companies in the furniture industry that throw away or destroy returns from customers that are sometimes only slightly damaged or even in great condition (!) At M2GO, we would rather offer the customer returns to people in need, rather than to the landfills. That’s why we've been offering donations of furniture to the Fondation des Auberges du Coeur for a year now.


The Green Web

Last but not least, we are an online company. Our structure is operational without paper, fuel or any costly and polluting infrastructure. They say the best way to reduce our environmental impact is to reduce our consommation at the source. Of course we don’t pretend to be saints: we do use electricity, we sometimes have to throw away garbage and it happens to the best of us to have a coffee to go. But the important thing is to be conscious of our responsibility as a company and keep taking action in our everyday life. And you can do it too! Every gesture counts.

To all our clients, we wish you a great Earth Day!