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What's an open box?

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What's an open box?

If you regularly shop on our website, you've probably seen these products called: open boxes and demos. Many of you ask us what is the difference between these two types of products, you’ll find the answer here ↓


Open box




Open box products are brand new items which the boxes have already been opened.


As we offer the possibility of returning and exchanging your furniture purchased online, we resell them on our website as an open box product. Opened boxes are carefully inspected and then put online, allowing you to take advantage of a generous discount on a product in a brand new condition.


In addition, our open box mattresses are rigorously inspected and cleaned to ensure that they meet the highest health standards.


Unlike our regular products, open boxes are stored directly in our service centers. This is why it is possible for you to pick them up when it is most convenient for you, you can also choose the home delivery option which will be done within the usual delivery times.









Demonstrators are products that have been exhibited in our service centers. Our floor models are generally in very good condition, if not nearly new. They give you the advantage of a generous discount on a product in good condition.


Some demonstrators may have slight imperfections, however we try to indicate any major imperfections in the product’s description.


Our floor models are also stored directly in our service centers, so you can come and try them out and inspect them before purchasing them.




Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about an open box or a demo product, we will be happy to give you more information!




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