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The Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

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The Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

Holiday season is upon us, and it not only means it’s time for snow, hot chocolates, and the cold, but it also means it’s time for gifts! At m2go, we’ve made up a list of great ideas, whether it’s for a woman, a man, a kid, or as a Secret Santa! As always with us, we’ve found affordable and awesome gifts ideas ideas for your friends and families!

For Women

#1 It’s a classic for a reason, take a woman by her emotions and offer her a picture frame with nice pictures of great memories. Find great picture frames here




#2 Get her a subscription to her favorite magazine if she doesn’t already have one! Our top picks range from The Food Network to 3 fois par jours, Canadian Living, Dinette, The Economist, Elle or also Family Circle!?


#3 Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, get her a vanity so that she’ll have the perfect place to keep her beauty products and jewelry! Find a selection here




#4 A beautiful ladder that’s not only practical but also design! Find them here




For Men

#1 We all know a guy who’s in love with his dog, right? So here is the perfect gift for him (and his dog)! A dog bed, made in Québec, and that is simply just too cute! Find it here




#2 Not sure what to get him? Opt for a gift box such as Prestige Giftbox. You will be able to choose from a multitude of activities, from restaurants, hotels, weekend getaways, adventures and much more! Find them here


#3 Shoes are to woman what tools are to men, and we know it we never have enough room for them! We just happen to have the perfect storage system for mister's toys! Check it out here




#4 Grooming products for the gentleman's beard and face are a great gift! Men like to take care of themselves these days, help him achieve perfect handsomeness with great products such as Les Industries Groom which you can find here


For Children

#1 You want to change up your kid’s bedroom? Get him out of the house for a couple of hours and add a cool headboard to his bed to make him feel extra special! Find them here




#2 Find the closest water or amusement park like La Ronde and get your kid a season pass for next summer! Want to add a little extra? Get him a second one so that he’ll always have a friend with him/her!


#3 A funky rug can make a children’s bedroom more comfy and cozy for the winter months coming! Find some cool rugs here




#4 Your kid is getting a little too old to be in a Twin bed? Surprise him by setting up a double bed in his room for a total upgrade! Find example of Full bedroom sets here




For a Secret Santa

#1 A travelling mug, because everyone deserves their dose of coffee before getting to work in the morning! 


#2 A nice clock, because everyone always has an eye on time! Find a great selection here  




#3 A magazine rack, a design and practical gift idea



#4 Looking for a gift idea under 50$? Take a look at the awesome hooks we have to offer!




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