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Inspiring Ideas to Give 6 Rooms of Your House a Fresh Start

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Inspiring Ideas to Give 6 Rooms of Your House a Fresh Start

It’s the beginning of August, and after being outside being active and doing stuff for the past couple of months, we wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the cool inside of our homes, especially with the heat wave of the last few days!

1. The Hallway: create a bicolour wall!

Grab a paintbrush and a bucket of paint and rejoice, change is coming your way. Simply separate your wall in two by using a different colour on the bottom and the top.


entrée bicolor


2. The Kitchen: tiles, tiles, and more tiles!

Give your kitchen a new face by adding designs to your tiles, or by getting rid of the old ones!


PicMonkey Collage


3. Dining Room: the Mix & Match trend!

Switch up one, two, three, or even all of your dining room chairs to create the trendy mix and match effect! Or you could also paint the ones that you have now in different colours :)


PicMonkey Collage


4. The Staircase: a piece of art!

We make our way throughout the house, and the stairs are the next step (pun intended!). Give them a twist by transforming them into an art work, or simply by slabbing on a fresh coat of paint. A little bit of fair warning here, you might want to sand down the stairs before painting them for optimal results!



Stairs 2


5. The Bathroom: small changes for beautiful results!

The idea is probably the simplest of all the ones we’ve given you today. Do you have a towel rack that’s just a simple, basic, boring, and old metal rod, or hooks at the back of the door that hang from the top? Change it all up!! Put up some design, fun, or simply cute hooks and knobs, and even add a ladder which have become extremely trendy!


Find a ladder here


Design hooks here


And the space saver shelf here


PicMonkey Collage


6. The Bedroom: the room with the most Pinterest-ee potential!


The bedroom overflows with details which can be switched up to give a fresh feel to it. Here are some inspirations, straight out of Pinterest of course, for you to create a unique and amazing headboard. With a bit of paint and tape, or with some amazing wallpapers, let your artistic side out, the possibilities are endless!


PicMonkey Collage


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