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How to Choose the Right Rug?

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How to Choose the Right Rug?

Choosing the right rug is an art, especially when it comes to the size, colour, texture, shape, and position! We have decorticated for you the different elements that will help you choose the right rug for the right room!

1. The Size

Ideally, a rug should always be covering the entire seating spaces you have in your house.


In your living room for example, the rug should be large enough so that at least all the front legs of your couches and chairs are on it. If the room is extra-big and your furniture is off the walls, we recommend a rug big enough to fit under the entire couches, chairs, and living room tables.


For the dining room, you should have enough room for all of your chairs to be fully on the rug even when they’re drawn back. Count at least 3 ft on each side of your table to allow enough room to do so.


If you have an office space, opt for a rug that will create a cocoon environment by fitting both your desk and your chair on it.


In most cases, always go with the bigger size! A carpet that’s too small will actually make a room look smaller.




2. The Shape

In a square room, a square or round rug will complement it nicely. Chose a rectangular rug for a rectangular room, which should be placed in the same orientation as the room. For a long hallway, opt for a carpet as long as can be to maximize the space!




3. The Position

The rule of thumb when it comes to positioning your rug is this: away from the wall by at least 6 inches, but not more than 2 feet. If your carpet is positioned depending on your furniture, here are a few tips and tricks.


For the living room: the coffee table should be centralized on it, with at least the front feet of your couches and chairs on it.


For the dining room: centralized around your dining table, with enough room on each side for the chairs to fit on it.


For the bedroom: one on each side of the bed, and if you choose a larger carpet place it under ⅔ of your bed with enough length on each side so that getting out of bed will be a little easier for your feet!


For the hallway: centered under the light fixture is the best bet.


And if you have an office spot in a bedroom or living room: place your carpet against the wall, this will allow to separate the area from the rest of the room.




4. The Colour

When it comes to choosing a colour, it’s recommended to first find your dream carpet and then furnish around it since it can be hard to find the colour, size, shape afterwards.


If you already have your furniture, odds are you will find the right rug eventually so have no fears! In a room with already bright colours and other statement pieces, go for a carpet of neutral colours. It will act as the canvas for the rest of your beautiful things! Otherwise, don’t hesitate to go for a carpet that will be that wow! element of the room.




5. The Texture

Don’t underestimate the importance of texture! A variety of textures will transform a bland room into a rich and inviting environment, and carpets definitely play a big role in that. If your couch has little to no texture like leather, go for a shag with longer piles. On the other hand if your couch is velvet or microsuede, go for something a little more flat like plush or short-pile rugs.


Always keep in mind that short piles will deal better with high-traffic area than longer piles!




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