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How to Choose an Ergonomic Mattress?

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How to Choose an Ergonomic Mattress?

We spend about a third of our life sleeping in our bed. That's why it's important for us, but also for you, to dedicate a post on this issue.

Before we start, let's clarify a few important points. First of all, there is no such thing as a universal ergonomic mattress. Each individual being different, a mattress can be ergonomic for one person but not necessarily for another. This means that to find a mattress that suits you, you must be aware of your needs and preferences.
Then, when you begin your search for a mattress, it is essential to know one thing: it’s to make sure that your spine is properly aligned. And for that, a good support will guarantee you a healthy position for your back.

What you need to look for is the level of firmness that best suits you. With this in mind, there are a number of factors to consider in finding a mattress that will be ergonomic for you.

1- The morphology

What is your height? Your weight? On average, you should choose the density of a mattress according to your morphology and your weight. The higher your BMI, the firmer the mattress should be. The goal is for the mattress to adapt to you while providing a certain amount of support. 


You can also let yourself be guided by our brand new intelligent mattress selection tool by M2GO, by clicking here. It will take into account your morphology as well as your preferred positions!


Here is a chart that illustrates the level of firmness required for people who sleep mainly on their back. It is important to note that other factors such as your sleeping position, your aches and pains as well as the presence of a partner could influence the level of firmness required: 


Here are some examples of mattresses according to their level of firmness: 

2- Your preferred position


On your stomach 

Note, however, that many specialists do not recommend this position. However, if this is how you sleep, we recommend that you choose a firm mattress. This will help you avoid back pain and neck problems. Choosing a mattress that is too soft will not help you keep your spine aligned if you are lying on your stomach.

Our Lovely and Sensation Latex collections are perfect for you.


On your back

If you are lying on your back, you may want to choose a mattress that is a little softer. You should not choose a mattress that is too soft to avoid back pain. You can therefore turn to semi-firm or even neutral mattresses. 

We recommend our Mat-2-Go mattress collection. 


On the side

On the side, we also advise you to choose a semi-soft, universal or semi-soft mattress. What will determine the choice of the intensity of the support will be the weight. As a side sleeper, you need a deeper sink than other sleepers. The goal is to ensure that your spine is aligned. 

If you fall into this category, try our Stoneham, Matt-2-Go or Everest mattresses.


3- Are you too hot at night?

Are you someone who tends to get too hot during your night of sleep? Many people can be bothered by the high level of heat they generate during the night. There are solutions to this discomfort, such as fabrics that breathe, wick moisture and regulate your temperature. 


If like many people you get too hot at night, consider our Hybrid Gel Collection mattresses. It features Cool Gel technology perfect for those who want to be cooler while they sleep.


4- Do you suffer from back pain?

In your search for a mattress, you should not neglect your general state of health either. Do you suffer from lumbar pain? Shoulders? If so, you should always keep in mind your anatomical axis. For example, if you have neck pain, you must choose the right thickness of your pillow. In the case of shoulder pain, and if you sleep mainly on your side, avoid choosing a mattress that is too firm and could put pressure on your shoulders.

In the case of back pain, latex is often recommended because it generally fits the anatomical axis very well without exerting too much pressure and offers superior support. We recommend our Hybrid Latex or Sensation Latex mattresses.


5- Do you sleep alone or with your partner?

This point seems obvious, however this question already determines the width of your mattress, but not only. Indeed, if you are a couple, you must be aware that your needs and desires will not necessarily be identical to those of your partner. From there, you will have to make compromises. 


To conclude, don't forget to take into account your desires and preferences, because they are also important to have a good night's sleep! :)


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