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How to choose the best mattress for you in 2022 ?

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How to choose the best mattress for you in 2022 ?

We all dream of a better sleep. But when it comes to buying a mattress, it can get a little tricky. If you’ve ever shopped around large surface mattress retailers, you know that the experience can be quite irritating.
However, it is proven that a bad mattress can cause severe damage to our body. Knowing that we spend ⅓ of our life sleeping, there are some advices that will help you choose your new mattress correctly.

Note: For those who want to make their life easier and let themselves be guided by our brand new intelligent mattress selection tool by M2GO, it's here. In addition to suggesting a mattress adapted to your body and your sleeping habits, our robot is also less tiring than a salesman on commission.

For those of you who want to learn more, read our blog below, you're sure to learn some tips on the art of choosing a mattress!  


1. Choosing the Size of a Mattress

Identify the size of the mattress you want to buy. Here is a table that sums up the different names of size for standard mattresses.

User case


Width (inches)

Width (cm)

Corresponding bed base

Best for kids, bunk beds or single sleepers.



99 cm

Single bed

Best for young adults, couples who like to cuddle or guest rooms.




Double bed

Best for couples or adults who like to sprawl out.



152 cm

Queen bed

Best for couples who enjoy their space or share a bed with children.




King Bed

2. Choosing the Comfort of a Mattress

Next, identify what you prefer when you sleep at a hotel, airbnb, or a guest room... Do you prefer softer, medium or firmer comfort? If you are unsure of your comfort preference, we recommend visiting our service centers to try out a reference mattress. You have the opportunity to visit us in our service center in the heart of the mile end in Montreal, or in Vieux-Longeuil. You must take the necessary amount of time to test mattresses.

Popular Beliefs About Mattresses

• A firm mattress is better for my back.
Wrong! It depends on your body type, your lifestyle, and your sleeping position.


A soft mattress contains fewer springs than a firm mattress.
This can be true and false. A mattress with few springs is very soft. And a mattress with a lot of springs and a lot of comfort foam can also be soft.


• A mattress without springs is worse than a mattress with springs.
False! Springless mattresses have improved a lot in recent years. The new foam technology is much more durable and supports your body better.

In short, there is no better mattress than another. The important thing is to choose the right mattress, suitable for your body.

How to Choose the Right Mattress?

When buying a mattress, we recommend that you:

1 - Determine your budget.
2 - Identify what you like about your old mattress, what you like less…
3 - Then identify the type of comfort you want: firm, semi-firm, semi-soft or soft.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to answer all your questions about purchasing a mattress!


3. What Budget for a New Mattress

You don't have to go broke in order to sleep well, but you still have to be ready to invest in a quality mattress. Take the time to plan a budget for your new mattress. This will be part of your daily life for several years to come. Note that M2GO offers free delivery as well as financing plans with Paybright to make your life easier.


4. Comparing Mattresses

Why pay for the costs of retailers and commission sellers? Be sure to compare the components and quality of different mattresses. Several retailers remain discreet about the real materials of the mattress.

You will certainly be able to assess the comfort and the budget for yourself. However, do not hesitate to speak to an expert to know about the level of support and durability of each mattress.

Several technical factors such as sleeping position, weight, age, height, etc. may affect your decision. If you would like a personalized mattress suggestion, click here and one of our experts will assist you.

Plus, we've put together a complete mattress buying guide to help you make the right choice.

5 - In Summary

• How to choose the right mattress?
There isn't really a better type of mattress that outweighs all the others, but keep in mind that it will always be more worthwhile to invest a little more in a mid-range or high-end mattress than to save a few dollars and buy an entry-level mattress that will often last much less. The rest will depend on your needs in terms of size and firmness.


• Why choose a memory foam mattress?
The memory foam or memory foam mattress is aimed at those who seek above all exceptional relaxation and a permanent feeling of well-being. This type of mattress will conform to the shape of your body and reduce compression points for better body alignment and improvement of your blood circulation.


Some examples of memory foam mattresses:

Matt-2-go Mattresses


Why choose a latex mattress?
The latex mattress is ideal for those who wish to acquire a flexible, soft, and firm in depth mattress. When you move, this type of mattress accompanies the movement of the body so as not to disturb your sleep.


Some examples of latex mattresses:

Sensation Latex Mattresses


• Why choose a pocket spring mattress?
The pocket spring mattress perfectly matches the morphology of the sleeper, and the pressure exerted by the body on the targeted springs does not affect the others. So if you have a restless and a restless sleeping mate at night, the pocket spring mattress is recommended. In addition, this type of mattress promotes the maintenance of the alignment of the spine but also the distribution of pressure points of the body which makes it an excellent companion.


Some examples of pocket spring mattresses:


Sequoia Collection


• What is the best type of mattress?
Today, the different mattress technologies (latex, springs, high resilience foam or memory foam) are all developed and offer equivalent levels of comfort. What will primarily matter in finding your ideal mattress is the quality of the mattress and your preferences. Do not hesitate to dedicate a fairly large budget to it because it is a real health investment. Don't neglect everything that comes around a mattress either: a good box spring and ergonomic pillows are great companions in ensuring you get the best possible sleep.




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