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Home Decor Trends for 2016

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Home Decor Trends for 2016

In 2016, shapes and colours are going be very important. We will find many different mix of fabrics, colours, shapes on furniture and on the walls. Its time to forget the 2015 ''tone on tone''.

What Are the New Trends in Home Decor this Year?




This year, the interior design world will experience a year full of colours and emotions. Your new decor will remind you of the era of the bourgeoisie, corsets and long cigars.


If I had to give a name to this new trend, I would call it: colourful minimalism. You simply have to select carefully your pieces of furniture, not get too many, and keep it simple. Then add lots of colourful accessories, small plants and some funky wall decors. Make sure to let every item breath. Textures, colours and materials will create the soul. It's a natural evolution of what we saw last year.


Colours of the Year

Here are the main colours of the year. Last year, the colours were very simple:  black, white, brown and grey. This year, it's totally different.




Some Tips

Repurposing objects and DIY project will be more trendy than ever. Go take a look at your grandparents basement. You will find beautiful objects and furniture.




Be creative! You can mix different styles and colours. 



Add plants in your decor. They will give a beautiful harmony to your room. There are no rules for plants, you can put as many as you want.




Marble will be very popular in 2016. It will give rich texture to a neutral decor (see the example below). 




I am confident that 2016 will be full of shapes, colours and textures that are reflects the good in each and everyone of us. The space you live in is a fundamental part of you. By expressing yourself with colourful accessories, shapes, textures,and natural matter, you will invest in your own well-being.


morning dew


In 2016, we have to keep in mind these elements:

- Bright colours

- Repurposing objects and DIY project

- Small plants

- Frames

- A minimalist decor


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