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Decor inspiration for your home!

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Decor inspiration for your home!

In life, we all need a little inspiration from time to time. Inspiration for what to make for dinner, inspiration for a birthday gift, inspiration for what to wear on a special occasion, inspiration for your home. Talking about it, do you need inspiration for your decor? Here are 4 moodboards to show you affordable and trendy decors that you can easily recreate!

 Eclectic Living Room



Shop the sofa, the coffee table, the carpet, the mirror, the mural shelf, and the photo display.


The Modern Bedroom



Shop the bed, the headboard, the dresser, the night table, the rug, the mirror, and the decorative ladder


Bohemian Office

moodboard01 (1)


Shop the desk, the office chair, the file cabinet, the rug, the magazine rack, and the clock.


Scandinavian Kid's Bedroom



Shop the bed, the dresser, the night table, the rug, and the picture display.


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