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7 Tips to Decorate a Small Space

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7 Tips to Decorate a Small Space

Do you need inspiration to decorate your small room? Don't worry, here's a few tips that will simplify your life.

 1. Simplicity is key

First of all, I suggest you use very pale colours on your walls. It will give the impression of a bigger room. You also should to avoid dark furniture as they will look too heavy in a small space.




2. Double the purpose

Secondly, I recommend to choose furniture double purposes. For example, if you have a small living room, right against the back of your couch to use as a dinning table or to display frames and trinkets. Take a look at the picture, they transformed their kitchen counter into a bar, and the black wall into a pantry! It's a great good idea to maximize the space and the result is beautiful!




3. Maximize space!

Corners are often forgotten, but they can be a resourceful spot with lots of possibilities! Here's a picture that we received from a customer. She sent it to show us the moose that she bought at our store, but we wanted to show you how she used the space in the corner. She was missing space for her guests, so she decided to build a bar space with the useless corner. It's a great idea and the result looks amazing.




4. Use your place's volume

Another to use your space to the fullest is to suspend your plants. You will save space for decorative furniture, or maybe some extra bed space for your pet?


5. Add smart storage solutions

You need more storage in your small bedroom and you don't have space and money for a new dresser? You should choose a bed with drawers! You will save space, time and money :)




6. Create an illusion of space

Decorate your small room with a large mirror. It will give the impression of a bigger room.


7. Go for heights

Opt for furniture that are made upwards. They'll use the entire space available and will also give the impression of a bigger room.




Here are my tips! I hope they will help you. Now it's your turn, what are your tips and ideas? :)


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