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7 Tips for a Perfect Christmas

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7 Tips for a Perfect Christmas

Are you looking to make the best out of Christmas evening this year?

Here's 7 tips to have the best Christmas at home.

1. Christmas Decoration

A Christmas without decoration is like a Christmas without snow. If you are receiving guests like your family at home this year, you have to put some decorations. Here are some ''Do it yourself'' project ideas: http://goo.gl/hZH0RO




2. Are There Enough Chairs?

It's important to have enough chairs for your guests. You don't want them to feel bad to be sitting on a chair while the other guests are standing up.  One solution, is to buy some nice stools. We have a whole selection of them! Check them out in the Dining category :)




3. My Glass, Your Glass, Their Glasses

You can tag everyone's glass of wine to make sure they won't mix them up with other guests'. If you don't want to clean extra dishes, it's a great solution. Here's an example of glasses identified with a special sharpie marker. 




4. The Appetizers

Appetizers is what everyone likes to eat. Don't be afraid to prepare a good variety. If they eat a lot, they won't be hungry for the dinner, so you'll have more leftovers the next day ;) (I'm kidding, don't do that). Click here for appetizers ideas: http://goo.gl/dCqmI8


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5. The Atmosphere

Put some good music, bring the champagne out, make some jokes. Christmas is the perfect day to celebrate and have a good time with your friends and family. Smile, dance, laugh and the good atmosphere will join the celebration.


6. Gifts Under the Tree

I remember when I was younger, the magic of Christmas all made sense when the gifts where under the tree ;p. You can recreate this magic in your heart by doing a gift exchange with your family.




7. The Party isn't Stopping Any Time Soon

It's getting late, your grandma is asleep on the couch and your aunt is dancing with the dog? It's the best time to get the karaoke going! Everyone will enjoy singing to Celine Dion or Michael Jackson songs. The party shall go on!


What are your tips for a perfect Christmas party? 


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