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6 Good Reasons Why m2go.com is the Best Furniture Store

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6 Good Reasons Why m2go.com is the Best Furniture Store

We understand how hard it can be to shop around for new furniture on the week nights and during the weekend. We all work hard and we understand that you rather spend your free time with your family and friends. It’s something hard to find the best deal on furniture.




We Match Prices

We also understand that you want to pay the best price for some trendy and durable furniture. That’s why we are who we are. No need to drive around town for days looking for the best deal, we will match the price of any Canadian competitor on the same product. You can do this, while sitting on your new comfortable couch. Take a look at the conditions here.



Free and Fast Shipping

Tired of waiting weeks for your new dream piece of furniture? Surprise, the most popular and affordable items in other stores are always out of stock… We believe that you should enjoy your dream sofa as fast as possible and that delivery costs should not stop you from making the purchase. That’s why you will always get fast and free delivery on ALL our products. It’s that simple.



Hassle Free Experience

Did ever have a terrible experience in a traditional furniture store? A never ending story with a 100 problems and no solutions? We think there’s way too many horror stories like yours out there. Why can’t a furniture store be simple, inspiring and affordable?


Welcome home. This is our promises to all of you. As soon as you place your order online, we will follow your file every day (yes, a real human, not some automated robotic software :p) until you are completely happy with your new furniture. We even make sure you give us feedback on your new product! If you choose to do so, we will give you an extra 25$ rebate on your next purchase.
You’re not happy with what you received? You don’t like that color, it’s bigger than you thought? Simple, you have 10 days to change your mind. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions here.



Proudly Canadian

Just like you, we love buying local. That’s why we’re committed to offer a great selection of furniture, mattresses and accessories made locally. We’re proud of who we are. We also think that it’s much simpler to buy with a local company. There’s no duty fees, less environmental footprint, better prices. That’s not all, we choose our supplier carefully and we make sure that they are eco-responsible. Some of our manufactured use certified ecological wood. Most of them also have non toxic certification. That’s perfect your child's room!


We also choose to ship our products using FedEx. This freight company invests constantly in sustainable practices.

The nature of our business model which is an online furniture store allows us to protect the environment. We save energy and fossil fuel during transport and warehousing. You don’t even have to leave your house. That’s why we celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year.



For a Better Sleep

Buying a mattress can be very complicated. For most of us, it’s hard to compare the different technologies, comfort and brands. The ultimate goal is to buy a mattress that’s suited for you. Keep in mind that we spend more than a third of our lives sleeping. To make sure you make the right choice we made sure you have all the tools necessary. Check out our buying guide online here: matelas.m2go.ca
We are also equipped with an innovative technology called the DomoLAB at our Mile-End service center. It’s a mattress with sensors and a pressure map that allows us to analyze your back and come up with a result. Then, we can with the perfect mattress that’s suited for you. Book a free appointment now here.



We Want to Inspire you

We think that feeling good at home starts with good inspiration. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for your daily dose of inspiration! We also have a super sweet blog right here. Our stylists post inspiring content every month :)

We always have trendy new arrivals. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know. We even send invitations to our DIY workshop every 2 months.




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