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6 affordable ways to give life back to your home!

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6 affordable ways to give life back to your home!

It's almost the end of the winter, and after having spent 5 months in hibernation, hiding inside, it's time for a little change! Give your home a breath of fresh air with these 6 ideas, without ruining yourselves

1. Plants, Greenery, Life!

With plants, cactuses and flower bouquets you'll bring life back into any room, literally! Cleaner air, bright colours, and an accessory to personalize your home!


Source: Pinterest


2. Rearrange your furniture!

By rearrangin your furniture, you'll feel like you just got a brand new room! Change where your couch is, your dressers, your bookcases and shelves, and TAAADAAA! We wish everyone to have rooms big enough to allow for some rearrangements, but we understand the reality of life and the fact that we don't often do have enough space ? In that case, simply rearranging your accessories and trinkets around will give you the impression of a new layout! Switch them up with your books or some picture frames for an amazing result.


change layout
Source: Cozy Little House


3. Change your wall art!

By changing your wall art from time to time, you'll bring new life into any room, whether it be the bedroom, the dinning room or even the bathroom! If like us you have some all time favorites that you would get rid of for nothing in the world, try simply changing its place for a new look.


Source: Pinterest


4. Change your frames!

Talking about wall art, another way for you to breath new life into a room is simply by changing up the frames! You know, those frames that you've had since you're 15? Ya, it's time, they need to retire ?


Source: Meuble2go


5. Intensify the Brightness!

You find your home a little dark compared to your joy of getting out of work while the sun is still up? With a mirror strategically place, you'll be able to intensify the brightness in your home!


Source: Pinterest


6. Change things you never thought to change!

Tell me, since you've moved in, you've changed a lot of things right? A fresh coat of paint, new furniture, maybe even the windows and your appliances! But tell me, have you ever thought about changing the light switch covers, or your doorknobs? Such little details that will make such a big impact!


light switch
Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Anne Sage


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