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5 tips and tricks for your children's bedroom

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5 tips and tricks for your children's bedroom

Who doesn't remember their childhood bedroom? That great space, where your imagination could run wild. What great memories we have of them. The floor would transform into a playground, and our bed into a trampoline. Now that we have become parents ourselves, our wish is to create for our children the same univers that our parents were able to give us. Here are 5 tips and tricks to create the perfect bedroom for your kid!

The Color

For the bedroom to be the best for each child, try to find the colour that he/she would like the most. Choose the colour with him/her, and incorporate it in the bedroom. Never try to impose a colour in your child's bedroom!




If the colour that your kid chose is a little "too much", go for small accents with accessories and small elements of it.





Chalkboard Wall

Who hasn't made their first steps as artists by drawing on walls? We at least don't know anyone. Give the chance to your kid to draw on the walls, with only happy consequences! Create a whole chalkboard wall where they'll be able to develop their imagination which is usually not allowed on the wall. Chalk paint can be found in most paint and hardware stores. Personally, we love to defy the rules ;)




Two in One

Buying kid's furniture can end up being quite a process. Aspiring to be the best parent possible, we all wish to buy our kid the Lightning McQueen bed. But deep down, we know that it will become redundant in a few very short years. Do not fear, we have a solution for your child to have an awesomely extravagant bed for a few years, and then transform it into "a big boy/girl's bed" when they get over it :)


See for yourself, this headboard has an added front, which can be taken off to transform it into a standard bed! 


PicMonkey Collage


There's a model for every child out there, including a summer camp, a rocket ship, a dollhouse, and a castle. You will find all of them here: 


Simple and Affordable

Decorating your children's bedroom doesn't mean you have spend a lot of money on it. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and creativity to create the perfect bedroom.




The Secret Corner

The bedroom should be a place where your kid should be able to get away. Whether it's when they have friends over, or when they're mad after not being allowed to have desert, their bedroom become their safe place. If space allows, create a separate area which could for example be a no-parents zone. Seriously, who never dreamt of having such a spot in their own bedroom? This could be a closed off area, an arts-and-crafts zone, a spot under a mezzanine bed, etc. Here are a few ideas to get inspired :)






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