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5 Back to School Tips

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5 Back to School Tips

Yes...it's already time to go back to school. To help you stay organized, here are 5 back to school tips



#1. Homework

What's better for the motivation than to have a colorfull room to do your homework? Here's 3 things that will help you get great grades this year

- Oh! Yellow chair:


- White desk:


- Yellow note board:




#2. Lunch

New school year also means a new routine that settles in. So we have to plan and prepare recipes for lunch time. Make your lunches with a slow cooker for a quick and healthy solution! Here's a delicious recipe list prepared by the famous Ricardo.






#3. Stay Organized

Pencils always find a way to roll away and run disappear. Impossible for you to not lose your pencils ? Here's 50 DIY mason jar ideas for your pens and pencils: http://diyprojectsforteens.com/cute-diy-mason-jar-crafts/


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#4. Make Fun at Work

Homework is not always (or ever) fun, but we have the solution for you. Use black chalkboard paint on your bedroom wall. Then, you can do your homework on your wall. So much more fun right?




#5. Keep it organized

Not easy to keep the house organized when you have less time to clean. Don't lose time to find a place in the closet for your coat, hat or school bag.  Coat racks are trendy accessories and will give a decorative touch to your hallway:




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