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4 Tips for Spring Cleaning

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4 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is at our door steps. We can now see kids running around in playgrounds and people walking in the streets. What a good feeling to have the sun shine on our skin! It will be soon or later time for spring cleaning. Here's 4 tips that may help you.


1. The wardrobe first

If you are like me, your wardrobe is normally a mess at this time of the year. We now have to put the scarfs, mittens and snowsuits somewhere else to make room for our summer clothes. Here's the first tip. It will be easier if you store every piece of clothe strategically in your furniture. I suggest a smart storage bed. This model manufactured in Canada will do the trick. Simply lift the base to unveil a very large storage space underneath.




2. One step at a time

Do your spring cleaning gradually. Plan your cleaning one room at the time. This way, you will avoid being intimidated by the large amount of work. Take the time to clean behind furniture and don't forget to clean your walls!


3. Give a fresh start to a room

Spring is also a great opportunity to restyle a room. Change the wall color, change the layout of your furniture, or switch up your accessories. Some small and cheap home accents or storage furniture will make you fall in love again with design of your home.


Here are some suggestions that you can buy at an affordable price:


- Bookcase:

- Wall shelf:

- Magazine rack:


4. Plants & Cactus

If you have cactus, it's now time to give them water (fun fact: you shouldn't give water to your cactus in the winter because they hibernate). For your plants, clean every leaf and give them a lot of sun. You can now start to harvest herbs as well! Just put them in front of your window and bring them outside on sunny days. 



Do you have any other spring cleaning tips you would like to share with us?


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