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10 storage ideas for small spaces

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10 storage ideas for small spaces

Living in a small space has its pros and its cons. One thing’s for sure : knowing how to organize yourself in the most effectively way possible can become quite a challenge. That's why throughout this article, M2GO will suggest you 10 storage ideas for small places that will make your life easier!

1. SleepChest Bed

This practical and affordable furniture will allow you to optimize more space in your home while enhancing its style with his wood finish. If you're having people over but you fear that there's not going to be enough space for everyone, this bed is absolutely want you need. Make the most out of your space with this magnificent bed. M2GO has an extensive selection of Sleepchest for queen and full beds.





2. Storage bed


This bed is one of the best options for everyone wanting more storage while living in small places. It's lightweight slatted bed base makes it easy to lift up to store your different items (clothes, sport equipment, shoes, etc) inside of it. M2GO suggest up to 3 different colours for this model that will nicely fit with any decor.





3. Trundle Bed

This type of bed is known for being ideal for smaller spaces. It's practical especially if you need an extra bed for a guest. Besides offering an additional space, the versatility of trundle beds allows it to also be used as a bench where you can simply relax! Isn't it amazing?





4. Lader style desk

This desk is one of the most useful furniture you could possibly have if you lack storage space. Not only, its size is quite compact but also its multiples shelves will allow you to store your different items.




5. Wooden box

This new organization method wins over more and more people that are into D.I.Y decoration. These wooden boxes will help you to create more storage in any rooms : bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. So if you need to sort out and dispose your clothes, records and decorative items without taking up too much space, these boxes will definitely do the job! A beautiful trendy and cheap option that will help you optimize your space!

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6. Corner cabinets

In all honesty, most of the time traditional cabinets takes way too much space. If you’re one of those who are conflicted about buying one because of the lack of space, we have the perfect solution for you! The corner cabinet is a practical, affordable and totally adapted for your needs of more storage. Its corner configuration optimize the space without loosing any square meter. Different models are available on M2GO’s online store!

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7. High Shelves

Highly put up shelves will allow you to create storage by using literally ALL the space you have in your possession. When it’s time to organize yourself, nothing is off limits. So why not use your wall to store your items ? This solution will let your imagination run riot without worrying about lacking space.

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8. Storage bench

You think that it's not possible to use benches as a storage furniture ? You’d be surprised! Depending on the type of bench you’re looking for, you might just what you need. Benches with storage are amazing when it comes to store things effectively. With storage space inside the bench itself, you won’t need to leave your shoes in the entrance hall anymore!

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9. Coat racks

We cannot talk about storage if we don’t include coat racks! You can either hang your coats, your clothes or even your shoes on it. They are THE reference of choice for small living spaces!

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10. Multifonctional furniture

And last one but not least are multifunctional furnitures. If you live in a small space these furnitures will be really convenient for you. In no time, you’ll be able to switch the function of your furniture. You could either change your living room table for a dining table or even have an accent table that is both a table and a lamppost. These clever ideas have been thought to create more storage so why not use them?

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