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10 gifts ideas "Made in Canada"

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10 gifts ideas "Made in Canada"

Holidays are almost here and it's time to start shopping! M2GO offers you 10 original and local gift ideas that your whole family will love!

1- Cocktail Syrups Discovery Kit

Ideal for cocktails or mocktails, this kit includes three mini versions of the tonic, cola and ginger ale from the montreal based company 3/4 oz. Made from natural ingredients, you only have to add your favorite liquor and you're good to go. The person who will receive this might even share with you!

Find it here: https://cestbeau.co/en/product/discovery-kit/



2- Laptop Sleeve

This elegant sleeve is perfect for 13'' laptops. Offer it to the technology-savvy and fashionable person you know!

Find it here: https://cestbeau.co/en/product/laptop-sleeve/



3- Reusable Bags Bulk Duo

Plastic bags are over! Offer these reusable natural coton bags to the zero-waste and eco-friendly person in your family. For the more experienced, these bags can even be used to make your own nut based milk! Includes a large bag (10'' x 13'') and a small bag (6'' x 10'').

Find it here: https://cestbeau.co/en/product/bulk-duo/



4- ViscoGel and Bamboo Cassiopee Pillow

Nothing says "I love you" like a pillow: offer comfortable and great sleep to a loved one. This pillow is hypoallergenic, made from eco friendly material without CFC and its bamboo fiber cover is machine washable. Filled with flaked memory foam, it garanties a comfort like no other. Psst, treat yourself and get one too!

Find it here: https://www.m2go.ca/us/viscogel-and-bamboo-cassiopee-pillow-thick.html



5- Crea Craft Storage Hutch in Pure White 

You don't know what to offer to the artistic member of the family? This wall shelf is ideal to organize the thousands of paint tubes, ribbons, pens and scissors they may own! Very solid and secure, it fits into all working spaces of future artists.

Find it here: https://www.m2go.ca/us/crea-craft-storage-hutch-pure-white.html



6- Baby Owl Plush

Offer a soft and comforting friend, entirely made in Montreal by Velvet Moustache. This owl will watch over your children day and night (but especially nights).

Find it here: https://cestbeau.co/en/product/baby-owl/



7- Step One Dog Bed With Storage and Cushion Cover in Pure Black

Let's not forget the dog! Wether your four-legged friend is new in the family or a long-time member, this cute bed will make their day! Ideal for small to medium sized dogs, they will be very comfortable on the cushion made from 100% coton with a eco-friendly cover!

Find it here: https://www.m2go.ca/us/step-one-dog-bed-with-storage-and-cushion-cover-pu.html



8- Travel notebook

Offer this to the globetrotters or first-time travelers! Made from recycled paper, this cute notebook is also available to take notes of your recipes or plants!

Find it here: https://cestbeau.co/en/product/travel-notebook/


9- Essentials 2 Door Storage Unit, White and Natural Maple

For bookworms or simply messy loved ones, this pretty storage unit is perfect for all decor. It is also stackable, so you can create the bookcase of your choice by combining a few together.

Find it here: https://www.m2go.ca/us/essenials-2-door-storage-unit-white-and-natural-ma.html



10- Electric Height Adjustable Table 24'' to 48'' in Northern Maple

Perfect for businesswomen and men or freelancers in your family! This adjustable table can be raised between 28'' and 45'' quickly with the help of its electric mecanism. A work desk that is both solid and elegant, at an affordable price!

Find it here: https://www.m2go.ca/us/electric-height-adjustable-table-24-x-48-in-northe.html


M2GO wishes you a happy holiday shopping!


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