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Sleep Chests Beds - The Murphy Bed you don't install

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How to Make a Guest Room in a Bedroom, Living Room or Home Office

The sleep chest is a bed that folds in a chest. This simpler and more affordable alternative to the Murphy Bed or any wall beds. Also called chest bed, this is the perfect solution for small rooms. The premium foldable mattress is included. Discover our popular Chest Beds like the Madrid Queen Chest Bed or the Stockholm Queen Murphy Bed.


What are the advantages of a Sleep Chest?

1. Perfect for small spaces

A Sleep Chest is ideal for small spaces. You can simply add this all-in-one chest bed to any room like your bedroom, home office, living room or any other space at home that you can use as a guest room.

2. No installation required

Chest beds do not required any wall mounting or technical installation. This allows you to move it easily if needed. 

3. Mattress included

Sleep Chest beds are as comfortable as any other type of bed you could buy. A 6" full or queen mattress is included with all our chest beds. 


What M2GO offers? 

Buy your Sleep Chest or Chest Bed online et get free shipping in Quebec and Ontario. For more tips on how to create a cozy guest room, read our blog "How to Create a Guest Room in a Home Office?".