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Bunk beds for children, teens, or guests

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When you have a small bedroom or a room that you want to take advantage to the fullest, the bunk bed is a choice to consider.

These stackable beds save a lot of space when the bedrooms for your kids, teens, or guests are on the smaller side.

Their arrangement is perfect for games and generally appeals to children who improvise pillow forts for thrilling adventures.

The bunk bed saves a lot of space

Do you have several children sharing the room?

A shared room should contain many bedroom essentials. To be more specific, we are thinking of toys, a desk, or a wardrobe closet for example.

Considering this point, if you have difficulty accommodating 2 beds frames, then the bunk bed is the ideal space saving solution.

This type of bed helps optimize the place you have in your children's bedroom while providing them with a creative game space they can enjoy.

In addition, some of our models at M2GO are equipped with drawers ingeniously placed under the lower base to further maximize storage space.

The upper space often turns into a mezzanine where you can chat away from the preying eyes of adults, while the lower space becomes a playground that is transformed and molded to the overflowing design and imagination of your children.

A practical bed at an affordable price

There is a large selection of bunk beds, and you can find the model that suits you, whichever style of decoration you want to give to your children's room: plain, design or any other type of decor.

The beds offered by M2GO all meet the safety standards and the price range is wide, in order to be able to fit all budgets.

You will find numerous models which will correspond to your needs and which will delight your children or teenagers.

Finally, you can complete your online shopping experience by visiting us at one of our two showrooms located in Montreal (Mile-End) and in Vieux-Longueuil.